Myopia Sled Dog Races

It was 5 degrees outside Saturday morning, January 15th.  Cold, but the forecast was for a blue sky day with no wind. So I packed up the camera gear and head over to Ipswich, MA for the Myopia Sled Dog Races at Appleton Farms. Snow dogs will always have a place in my heart. I was a dog mom for 28 years to beautiful black and white Siberian Huskies.

The event proved to be an amazing day for photo ops.   There were almost as many photogs as sled dogs at the race.  Pulitzer Prize winner Essdras Suarez of the Boston Globe covered the event with with 3 cameras; 2 Nikons and a Canon.   This was my second time shooting a sled dog race and I had many shots in mind.  For most of the day I shot with my 70-200VR lens and used the 24-70mm for some portraits.  I never seem to totally accomplish my shooting goals, but I was neverless happy with the results.

Most of the dogs were sprinters – not Iditarod specialists.  And boy did they fly.  They were running so fast I had to set my shutter speed to 1000 and above to stop action.  My regret was not shooting at a smaller aperture.  I shot at f/5.6 most of the time which with a dog team only gets one set of dogs in sharp focus.  I’m still somewhat hesitate to crank my ISO really high since I’m new to the Nikon D700 (it’s been hard to get over my fear of noise).  I usually had the ISO around 500.

Here are 10 shots from the day:

Sled Dog Buddies

Anxious to Race

Howling Music

Off and Running


Racing to the finish

A sled dog team races through the woodlands

Sled Dogs Fly

Giving Love

Crazy Fun


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