Remember Summer?

Another nor’eastah is on its way to southern New England today.  I love snow, but it’s only mid winter and I’m thinking of warm summer nights and road biking without 4 layers of clothes on.  This is the time of year when a trip to the tropics does wonders for my outlook.  But since an equatorial getaway is not in the cards now, I thought some eye candy may help.  So I set up a Smart Collection in Lightroom with one rule; keywords contain Summer.  And voila, I instantly had 2,176 images to experience summer through.  This one was taken in Washington state on the Olympic peninsula at one of the many lavender farms near Sequim (pronounced Skwim).  The lavender peaks around mid July.  It a great time of year to visit the area.  Along with the annual Lavendar Festival, you can take a sea kayak trip along the coastal waters, visit some great wineries, and take a hike from Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

A Lavender garden near Sequim, WA

Nikon D300, 70-200mm f/2.8 at f/5.0


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