Race Point Beach

For a blog post today, I decided to go back a year in time to see what I was shooting.  At about this time last February, we went to Provincetown town for what has become the annual winter beach trip.   One of the worst storms of the season was hammering the coast and knocked out power all over the North and South Shores of Massachusetts.  The 50 mph winds were howling, sending sheets of rain sideways across the roads.  It doesn’t look like tomorrow’s storm is going to arrive with gale force winds, but coincidently we are in store for a lot of rain again one  year later.  I hope the rain washes away the ugly, rotten snow still hanging around and brings some nice surf with it, as we saw at Race Point Beach last year.

Surf Blowing in the Wind, Provincetown, Massachusetts
High Surf at Race Point Beach, Provincetown, Massachusetts 

After the storm, dark clouds still looking threatening.

I saw my first Eider in Provincetown Harbor.  Such a handsome fellow.

A Common Eider wintering in Provincetown, Massachusetts

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