When the Snow Melts

Shack the Puppy (pic by Julie)

I’ll never forget my first winter living in Sandpoint, Idaho.  Like this winter, we had tons of snow that year.  The skiing was great at our backyard hill, Schweitzer Mountain, but the shoveling at home was a grueling morning and evening ritual.  My neighbor Julie got her black lab pup, Shack, that year.  Shack was enamored with my Siberian Husky and often spent his days hanging out with him.

As Spring grew near the piles of snow were shrinking fast.  By the end of March the snowpack had melted enough to reveal the secrets that had been hidden below.   Come to find out Shack had developed a passion for stealing Julie’s underwear.  Bras and other assorted under-garments were exposed as the layers of snow disappeared.  She had written off the missing items as “lost in laundry”.  Shack was guilty as charged of Repeated Underwear Theft and had to find a new hobby.

Sandpoint Dog Buddies and Me

What will be revealed as we transition from Winter to Spring this year?  Forgotten bicycles still locked to bike racks will emerge on city streets.  A grumpy person who is happy to be free of icy sidewalks lined with 4 ft snow berms will smile again.  The simple things of our daily lives can herald a new beginning such as the return of birdsong in the morning and tiny leaf buds growing on trees.  I love the tension in the air as we move from one season to another.  The anticipation of change and the prospect of something new is exciting.   Bring it on; I’m ready.

Winter’s Revelation



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