Boston – April 24, 2011

I’m working on finding the courage to ask people on the street if I can take their photo.  Sounds easy, but for me it’s my greatest challenge in photography because I’ve been a landscape photographer for so long.

This fun couple are the first I asked.  I ran into them on Commonwealth Ave. as we were both were taking picture of Magnolias.

The Comm Ave Couple

How could I not ask this gal for a picture?  She was very popular with the photogs in Boston Garden that afternoon.

Goth Gal

Matt, my Urban Cowboy, was kind enough to pose for me:

Urban Cowboy

And here’s a subject I’m always happy to shoot (nobody told the lab there were no dogs allowed):

The Black Lab

And one subject that doesn’t move, a duck sculpture dressed in an Easter Bonnet:

Duck with a Hat

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