Essex, Massachusetts

Essex, Mass. is a small town on the Essex River known for it’s seafood restaurants and antique stores.  It has a rich maritime history having been the birthplace for over 4,000 schooners.  Tucked behind the Maritime Museum in Essex is Harold Burnham’s boat building business.  Harold is the 28th Burnham to operate a shipyard since 1819 in Essex.  Matt and I stopped by Harold’s business Friday evening and were welcomed to spend some time and take some photos.  Harold is nearing completion of the schooner Pinky Ardelle, which will be launched in Gloucester soon.  They started building the Ardelle in September, 2010 and worked all through the winter on it.  If you’re in Essex, stop by and pick up a “Build Locally Sail Globally” t-shirt.  And you can follow Harold’s progress at his blog.

Pinky Ardelle on June 17th
Pinky Ardelle – the deck in progress
Pinky Ardelle – June 17th
In the Shop
Old tractor with a Forklift to move wood around
Staining the masts
Marsh on the Essex River – low tide
Gulls on the River – Cranes Beach Dune’s in the background
Last Light on the Essex River

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