Appleton Farms

Appleton Farms is a 658 acre working farm in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Established in 1636, it is the oldest working farm in the United States.  The Trustees of Reservations acquired the property in 1974 and continues to preserve the lands for wildlife habitats and agriculture.  The farm, meadows and forests are a beautiful place to walk anytime of the year.  It is also the largest CSA (community supported agriculture) program in New England, with 800 participating families.

The Farm:

Appleton Farm crop rows
Crops and some of the old barns
Old stone walls at Appleton Farms
Speckled sun

Some of the farm residents; baby cows and the chickens:

The Calf
Calves at Play
Someday he will be a huge bull
Calf munching on grass
The Chicken Coop
One Smart Chicken at the Feeder
What is there not to like about chickens?
I call this chicken “The Donald” because of the uncanny resemblance to Donald Trump

I can’t think of a better place than Appleton Farms for an eastern gray squirrel to live.

Eastern Gray Squirrel
Squirrel having a snack
Eastern Bluebird and Bobolink

Lots of nesting boxes and meadows provide great habitat for these birds.


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