Myopia Horse Show 2011

I was passing through Hamilton, Massachusetts and came upon a horse show at the Myopia Hunt Club Schooling field.  The Myopia Hunt Club was founded in 1882.  They still have a formal hunt season in the fall, but as opposed to chasing a real fox, the hounds follow a laid scent.  As a teen, I took riding lessons at Myopia with my good friend Deb.  I have some fond memories of riding a dapple grey Arabian through open fields, woods and hills in this area.

I saw the last two events of the show; the Hunt Team Challenge and the Myopia Cross which is a course of cross country and show jumps.  Horses and riders all demonstrated their incredible skill and elegance.

It’s a family affair
They start them young!
Hunt Team
Hunt Team jumping together
The Official Red Coat
Calling the Hounds
Team Hats
Over a Jump and into the Woods
Back into the ring from the woods
The highest, optional extra point jump
Looking Ahead
The horse falters…
The rider come off with grace, seemingly so relaxed
and she is shortly back in the saddle

Flowing manes and tails

I like the pink

ready for take off


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