Santa Rosalina Di Palermo Procession

While in Boston last Sunday on 9/11/11, we heard a marching band playing as we were walking around the North End in pursuit of cappuccino.  The Santa Rosalia Di Palermo Society was kicking off their annual procession through Boston’s North End with the statue of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo, accompanied by the Italian American marching band from Lawrence, Mass. This year’s procession was en route to the North End Fire House to thank the fire department  for their years of service to the community on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Here’s some pictures from the start of the procession:

a string of dollar bills are donated to Santa Rosalia
the bills are wrapped around the statue of Rosalia
Italian American Marching Band
confetti showers down on the procession
the band plays on during the shower of confetti
the procession begins
pictures are taken with the statue of Santa Rosalia
fireworks are set off in the street ahead of the procession
the procession continues through the North End

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