Grand Teton National Park – Mormon Row

I’ve been to Jackson Hole a handful of times, but I never visited what could be the most photographed barn in the United States.  There are many beautiful pictures of the barn in an area known as Antelope flats, near the southeast entrance to the park, but I had to make my own.

The barn is part of Mormon Row, a set of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Library of Congress provides the following description of the area: “Mormon Row Road was an area originally settled by Mormon families.  At one time there were fifteen homesteads, a one-room school, a Mormon church and a post office. The 160-acre T.A. Moulton ranch… was homesteaded in 1908.  The ranch was successfully operated for over fifty years, until it was acquired by the National Park Service in 1960.”

The Grand Teton mountain range makes for a dramatic backdrop, but a low cloud ceiling obscured my view of the mountain peaks for most of the time during my 4 day stay.  The mixed weather made for dramatic clouds so I processed the image to bring out the interesting sky.

Mormon Row Barn
Mormon Row – The Fence
Another Mormon Row barn
Antelope Flats
The Outhouse
Bison and Birds

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