2011 – Behind the Lens

It’s that time once again to look back on where I’ve been with my camera, relish the special moments I captured,  and ponder the encounters with people and places. I’m so grateful for the wonderful people in my life and I feel fortunate to have the ability to see beauty in every day moments.

Here are pictures from 2011 that are memories of special places and people I encountered in my travels and wanderings, near and far.

January 2011

One of the best days out shooting last year was at the Myopia Sled Dog races in Ipswich, Mass. I like this image because it conveys the sense of being out in winter’s cold beauty, enjoying just the sound of the sled gliding over the snow, powered by a team of the happy dogs.

Through the Woods

Cape Cod in winter is magical:

Cape Cod National Seashore
The Old Life Saving Station

February 2011

Last winter in New England we had near record snow fall.  Didn’t stop us from enjoying Newburyport at night though.


March 2011

Seeing the super moon rise, surrounded by a group of fellow photogs, was amazing.

Super Moon

April 2011

Winter’s fury slows down but storms were still bringing in the good surf.

Salisbury Beach

At the end of April the Magnolia trees on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston were in peak bloom and lots of people were out enjoying it.

Commonwealth Ave.

Matt and I went to see Roger McGuinn at the Shalin Liu theater in Rockport, Mass.  Right before the show started I took this picture of Motif #1:

Motif #1

May 2011

Spring is my favorite time of the year to shoot.   New leaf growth on trees is soft and beautiful.  The weather can quickly transform from rain, fog, sun and back.  The days are noticeably longer.

Bleeding Heart was in bloom in a sunken old garden we stumbled upon in Wicasett, Maine.

Bleeding Heart

I spent a memorable evening at the Crane Estate on Castle Hill in Ipswich one foggy evening:

Crane Estate – Old Garden Wall

Right before leaving I had a moment when a deer and I contemplated each other:

Hello Deer

June 2011

While working at New England Biolabs, I met the landscape designer, Ditty Mulry, who is a horticultural artist. She designed what may be the most beautiful gardens in New England.

Rodies in Evening Light

 July 2011

Animals at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, Mass.:

The Calf
The Chicken

At the end of July I went to Waterbury, Vermont and stayed at the most amazing B&B called the  Moose Meadow Lodge.  Greg is one of the owners:


August 2011

Road Race month; the High Street Mile was run in the rain this year.

High Street Mile

While visiting my good friend Deb at the Cape I happened upon the Falmouth Road race.

Falmouth Road Race

It was fried clam season when I captured this image of Motif #2 in Essex, MA; the epicenter for famous clam shacks.

Motif #2

September 2011

Summer extended well into September and evenings at the beach were great.

Golden Retriever
Good Harbor Beach Surf

The Myopia Hunt Club horse show was in September in Hamilton, MA.  It brought back fond memories of riding there with my friend Deb when we were kids.

Calling in the Hounds

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we came upon a parade in the North End of Boston while searching for espresso and italian pastries:


October 2011

The first two weeks of October were spent in Wyoming and Montana.

Mormon Row Fence near Jackson, WY
15 seconds of beautiful light
Matt in Grand Teton National Park
3 Jumping Deer

November 2011

One evening I found myself at Jennes Beach in New Hampshire enjoying the evening light.


December 2011

The year came to a wonderful close with an opportunity to hear Ben Zander, the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic orchestra and teacher at the New England Conservatory of Music, give a presentation on his book “The Art of Possibility”.  A new member of the orchestra, Daniel Hawkins, came to the lecture with him and played the cello, while also getting an inspiring music lesson from Ben.

Daniel H. Hawkins

After the lecture I took a walk around the Boston waterfront to contemplate art and so many new exciting possibilities for 2012.


Thanks for sharing my year with me.  Time to open the door for the possibilities to unfold in the new year.

Best Regards and a Happy 2012,



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