Fort Foster

Fort Foster is a park on Gerrish Island near Kittery Point, Maine and is reachable via a bridge over a narrow creek.  The fort was utilized during WWI and WWII and was closed in 1948.  It’s a great place to wander around with a camera in the winter.   The pier, beach, marsh, rocky shore, and views of local lighthouses provide interesting compositional elements.

From the beach and pier you have a view of Whaleback Lighthouse, built in 1872 on Whaleback ledge.  The rocky ledge is situated at the entrance to the Piscataqua River.  Before the lighthouse was built, many ships ran into Whaleback ledge on route to Portsmouth Harbor.  The earliest wreck documented was in 1733.

Just west of the lighthouse you can see the Portsmouth Harbor Lifesaving Station on Wood Island, which was also used by the government until 1948.   What looks like support structures for a bridge from Fort Foster to Wood Island are actually the remnants of cribworks used for hidden obstructions built in the Piscataqua River to prevent enemy raiding boats from entering the harbor.

The Pier at Fort Foster
Whaleback Lighthouse
Whaleback Lighthouse and the Portsmouth Life Saving Station
Isle of Shoals from Fort Foster

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