Sid Ceasar Portable Portrait Workshop

Saturday I went to Nashua, New Hampshire to take Sid Ceasar’s Portable Portrait workshop for using off camera flash to create dynamic portraits.  We started at 1:00pm in Sid’s studio located in a historic mill building.  After a discussion about controlling the flash in manual mode with aperture, shutter speed, camera ISO and flash head power, we ventured outside with our beautiful talent, Sini.  We were incredibly lucky that Sini invited her mother to the shoot who is another former model.  They are wonderful models to work with and it was such a joy to spend time with them.  Sini and her mom have so much fun together and exude mother-daughter love.  For shooting, Sid provided CyberSynch remote triggers, a few different flash heads, a sturdy light stand and a Wescott soft box.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day (and into the night for a dragging the shutter shoot) and would highly recommend this workshop if you’re getting started with using off camera flash or just need a refresher.  Thanks Sid for converting me from all TTL to manual mode!


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