Acadia National Park

Earlier this week I spent a few days in Maine at Acadia National Park.  It was my first visit to that part of Maine and the NP.   Since I was there on weekdays, the park was relatively uncrowded, especially for foliage season.  Bar Harbor, the gateway town to the park, was always busy.  One or two huge cruise ships docked there daily, and loads of bus tours were coming in.  Since I was there for the quiet, I mostly avoided the town, but I was happy to find great coffee shops and food in Bar Harbor to start and end my day with.   Next time I go I will plan time for sea kayaking; the rocky shores and numerous inlets would be fantastic for kayaking.

Fall Foiliage

Sun setting while looking toward Otter Cliff

Otter Cliff

View from Cadillac Mountain

Horse and buggy on a carriage road

last light

Thunder Hole

cliffs by the sea

Along Schooner Head Rd


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