The weather during the month of November typically lives up to the common meteorological description of the climate in Seattle; gray, rainy, windy, cold but not freezing.  Even from an airplane you are not likely to see the towering, glacier cloaked Mt Rainier (which I did not).  I spent four days in Seattle this past November and the weather pretty much lived up to my expectations.  It was not too bad, really.  Didn’t pour.  Didn’t snow.  Very windy. Beautiful if you love grey tones.  No trees fell on me and at some point I caught a glance of the Olympic mountain range.  Seattle sits right under the jet stream in November and gets more precipitation than any other month of the year.

Interesting factoid:  Seattle is at a slightly higher latitude than the most northern point in Maine.

Taking interesting outdoor pictures can be challenging in the “shoulder season” months.  Some strategies I followed were to:

  • take a ride on the ferris wheel – the seats are like ski area gondolas; enclosed and cozy.
  • walk the twilight hour downtown as the neon signs start lighting up
  • embrace the funk of Seattle center.
Seattle waterfront from the ferris wheel

Seattle waterfront from the ferris wheel

Still found some lovely fall color

Still found some lovely fall color

I could look at this painting by Sandra Cintro for hours and hours:

A Sandra Cinto mural at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

A section of Sandra Cinto’s mural “Encounters with Water” at the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Seattle Center:

seattle 11-2013-7

Space Needle entrance

seattle 11-2013-6

EMP and the Space Needle

seattle 11-2013-5

Children’s Museum at Seattle Center

Pike Place Market and environs:

seattle 11-2013-10

Farmer’s Market

seattle 11-2013-9

Pike Place Market – No Bike Parking

seattle 11-2013-3

on Pike St

seattle 11-2013-2

the picture every tourist takes at Pike Place market

And a trip would to Seattle would not be complete unless I took a picture of one of my friends super cute dogs:

Haley - a super sweet Siberian Husky

Haley – a sweet Siberian Husky


5 thoughts on “Seattle

  1. You have a perfect description when you say “the funk of Seattle center.” We live outside of Seattle and enjoy visiting for the same reason. There is a special breed of people that live in Seattle. Great city to visit and live!

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