Vashon Sheepdog Classic 2016

Saturday June 11 was typical weather for a Spring day in Seattle – a guarantee of clouds, rain, and sun. Perfect conditions for venturing out to tranquil Vashon Island, which is a short ferry ride from West Seattle, to watch what herding dogs love to do – herd.

The event took place at the aptly named Misty Isle Farm.  The dogs and their human handlers came from all over the West coast.  The sheep were provided by Anderson Ranch in Brownsville, Oregon.  The weather courtesy of Mother Nature.

It was a real treat to watch the dogs (mostly Border Collies) and their handlers work together, communicating via whistle tones across considerable distance to quietly and efficiently move a group of 4 sheep down the field, through 3 sets of gates, then split off a group of 2 sheep prior to herding all 4 sheep into the The Pen.

The Yarkin family entertained at mid day with bagpipes and drums while a fresh group of sheep were released.   The Vashon Sheep Dog Classic is a wonderful way to spend the day in a beautiful location with nice people and dogs.

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-89

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-97

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-112

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-165

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-170

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-189

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-206

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-251

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-253

Vashon Sheep Dog Trials 2016-281



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